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About Us
Tax Consultants, LLC, is a comprehensive tax management service focusing on independent business set-up and operation as well as in-depth tax consulting, preparation and budget management.

Led by John Jones, Partner, and Jane Smith, Partner, Tax Consultants, LLC, offers management for local, state and federal tax needs, international taxes consultation, and preparation of all documents and audit materials.


Jane Smith
Nineteen years with the Internal Revenue Service. Fourteen years spent in various management levels, from group manager to branch chief. Experience includes examination, criminal investigation, collection divisions, with a multitude of IRS awards, from district, regional and national offices.

Five years spent as Chief of Special Procedures, Anystate District of the IRS.

Author of several publications and articles on tax management. Renowned speaker on various tax topics.

Partner with Tax Consultants LLC for the past 7 years.


John Jones
Thirty-six years working in the Financial Services industry, for Midland Bank & Trust and Sun Financial. Worked as a loan officer, broker, tax advisor and Chief of Tax Services.

Last 20 years major work areas include Estate Planning, Income Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Accounting and Tax Practice.

Enrolled Agent with the IRS for 6 years, as investigator, consultant and technical services director.

Chartered Financial Consultant for 22 years with full tenure and board memberships.


  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • American Institute of Tax Studies
  • National Society of Tax Professionals
  • Enrolled agent to practice before Internal Revenue Service
  • Guest Lecturer, Taxes R Us
Our offices are in the Financial Center in Anytown, at 123 Main Street in the heart of the Business District.
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