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Jane -
I'm sure glad you're on my side. Thanks for everything...

- John T.
Dear Bob and Jane
You were right as rain. I received an answer from the IRS. "Closing letter - your return accepted as filed. We are pleased to tell you that we were able to clear up the differences between your records and your payers' records. Based on the information you gave us, we are not changing your return. We are accepting your return as filed." Thanks for your advice.

- CEO Tom J.
Dear Bob
Thank you so much. Through your efforts my son received his mortgage. You're a great guy!

- Howie L.
Thank you so much for your long patience. You have been wonderful and kind throughout this ordeal

- Best Regards, Peter M.
Hi Jane
Thank you for your help. I hope you can keep them in check. Because I am definitely afraid of them...

- Carol L.
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